A Cycler's Must-Have: Rapha Men's Pro Team Training Jersey 2020

Rapha is a name almost every cyclist has heard about. Like Rapha's other cycling apparel, the Rapha Men's Pro Team Training Jersey is also made of top-quality absorbent and breathable material; its design gives you a professional athlete look and makes it a perfect fit. While most people blindly buy Rapha products, trusting its name, you should find out all its features beforehand to ensure this is the right apparel for you.

Key Features of the Rapha Men's Pro Team Training Jersey


The Rapha Men's Pro Team Training Jersey is packed with features catering to cyclists' needs. Here's an in-depth look at what makes this jersey a top choice:

Lightweight Open-Structured Fabric
One of the standout features of this jersey is its lightweight open-structured fabric on the front panels. This fabric ensures excellent ventilation and wicking properties, keeping you cool and dry even during your cycling tours in the hot weather. The back of the jersey features a close-knit fabric that provides additional sun protection and supports full pockets without sagging.

Snaplock Easy Glide Zip
The jersey includes a full-length front zipper with a snaplock easy glide zip. This allows easy adjustments on the fly, ensuring you can regulate your temperature without stopping. The zip also features a subtle garage at the neck to prevent irritation.

Internal Silicone Hem Gripper
The hem gripper features internal silicone applications, ensuring the jersey stays in place during your ride. This design incorporates negative space Pro Team logos, adding a touch of style while maintaining functionality.

Secure Rear Pockets
With three gusseted rear pockets, this jersey offers ample storage space for ride essentials such as snacks, tools, and your phone. The thicker elastic trim keeps contents secure, and the gusseted bottom adds volume, making it easier to carry more items comfortably.

Performance and Comfort
The Rapha Pro Team Training Jersey is designed with both performance and comfort in mind. Here's why it's a favourite among cyclists:

Comfortable Fit
The jersey's tight fit and form-fitting design improve aerodynamics by lowering drag. The sleeves gripper features internal silicone, which ensures a secure fit without limiting mobility. Long training sessions when comfort is crucial will benefit most from this design.

High-quality materials are a hallmark of Rapha apparel; this jersey is no exception. The fabric is resilient and soft at the same time, holding up well even after several washes. It is a wise purchase for any biker searching for dependable riding clothing because of its durability.

Style and Aesthetics
The Rapha Men's Pro Team Training Jersey is useful and stylish. It is available in various colours and features contrast sleeves and the iconic Rapha logo on the rear pocket. This attention to detail in design ensures you look as good as you feel on your rides.


Rapha Men's Pro Team Training Jersey is an essential component of any riding wardrobe, it combines cutting-edge materials with well-considered design and elegant aesthetics. This jersey guarantees you stay comfortable and give your best while riding leisurely or preparing for a race.

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