Bike Servicing Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive range of bicycle services, specially curated to meet all your cycling needs. Whether you're a casual rider or a professional cyclist, our expert bike mechanics are here to provide world-class maintenance, ensuring your bicycle remains in prime condition.

Our offerings include a spectrum of services such as bike tune-ups, wheel truing, brake adjustments, bike fit, and more, utilizing high-quality bicycle parts for optimal performance. We cater to a variety of bicycle types – from kids' bikes to mountain bikes (MTB), road bikes, and e-bikes.

For those who appreciate digital innovation, we provide software updates for DI2 and e-bikes. Not to forget, we also take care of accessories fitting, including baby seats and pannier racks. Our commitment is to keep you pedaling smoothly with our reliable bicycle repair and maintenance solutions.

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For Our Young Riders: Kids Bike Service

Keep your child's bike in optimal condition with our specialized Kids Bike Service for 20-inch bikes and below. At just $49.00, we ensure a smooth and safe ride for your little ones.

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Regular Tune-Up: General Service

Recommended every 3-6 months at a cost of $99.00, our General Service includes a thorough safety check, brakes and gears adjustments, minor wheel truing (in bike), tyre pressure check, and chain lubrication. This regular maintenance will keep your bike performing smoothly and safely.

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Intermediate Care: Preventative Service

A comprehensive preventive maintenance scheduled every 6 to 9 months at a fee of $159.00. In addition to the features of our General Service, we also true and re-tension your wheels, wash your bike and degrease the drive chain, clean and regrease the cassette and freehub, retorque all bolts, and include labour for a new chain.

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Advanced Care: Premium Service

Our highest level of maintenance, the Premium Service at $249.00, is recommended every 12 months. It includes all services from the Preventative package, along with the regreasing of your headset and BB, wheel bearings service, sealant check and top up (sealant cost not included), labour for replacing bar tape, hydraulic brake fluid top-up, and software updates for DI2 or E-Bikes.

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For the Trailblazers: Ultimate MTB Service

Exclusively for mountain bikes, our Ultimate MTB Service, recommended every 12 months and priced at $299.00, features everything in the Premium Service along with a complete linkage overhaul (bearings cost not included).

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 Additional Services

Contact us on 0480 349 805 to discuss any of these options, and we will be happy to chat!

  • Tyre or tube fit: $15 off-bike or $20 on-bike per wheel
  • Bar tape fitting: $22
  • Gears adjustment: $15
  • Brakes adjustment: $15
  • Gear cable fit and adjust: $20 per end (cable not included)
  • Brake cable fit and adjust: $20 per end (cable not included)
  • Brake bleeding: $35 per end, fluid included
  • Tubeless conversion: $30 per wheel (fluid not included)
  • Tubeless tyre fit and reseal: $20 per wheel (fluid not included)
  • Wheel truing: $30 per wheel
  • Spoke fit and wheel truing: $40 per wheel
  • Wheel respoking: $70 per wheel
  • Bottom bracket service or replacement: $30
  • Headset regreasing: $20
  • Wheel bearing regreasing: $20 per wheel
  • Chain fit: $30
  • Cassette fit: $30
  • Bike packing in bike box: $50
  • Computer fit: $25
  • Pannier rack fit: $30
  • Baby seat fit: $30
  • DI2 software update: $25
  • Standard bike fit: $60
  • Other labour: $88 per hour

At Live Life Cycling, we ensure your rides are smooth, safe, and enjoyable. Schedule a service appointment today and let us take care of the rest.

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  • Evelyn Cook

    Chris is amazing! He gave us the best possible service and experience with purchasing my new bike. He helped us choose everything we needed - He never pushed us on anything and because of this we bought way more than we went in thinking we would purchase, but the service we experienced was beyond anything we have ever received from a bike store. Couldn't recommend this shop more.

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  • Pavel Sheludkov

    I'm incredibly impressed with the bike shop's exceptional and speedy service. The staff were knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in inspecting and fixing my bike.
    Highly recommended!

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  • Jake Smith

    Chris' service is second to none. He is always happy to share his knowledge and understanding for your benefit whether it be related to parts, maintenance or new bikes. My bikes have never run better coming out of a shop. Would definitely recommend Live Life Cycling.

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