Here's How Rapha's Men's Core Lightweight Jersey Beats the Heat

Here's How Rapha's Men's Core Lightweight Jersey Beats the Heat

Cycling in Australia in summers means you're up for a thrilling journey in the heat. Having fun outdoors during summers can be possible with the right equipment. This is why having the Rapha Men's Core Lightweight Jersey is a huge benefit when cycling because its light and sweat-absorbant material ensures you stay dry and cool. But before investing in the Rapha core jersey, you may have some question.
Good for you; you'll find answers to all of them here.

Why Choose Rapha Men's Core Lightweight Jersey?


One of the best brands for cycling jerseys is Rapha. Australian summers are made even better with the Rapha Men's Core Lightweight Jersey, which was made with hot weather in mind. Here are some special features about it:

Soft and Highly Breathable Matt Fabric
The Rapha Men's Core Jersey is made from soft and highly breathable matt fabric, ensuring comfort even on the hottest days. It efficiently wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and cool during long rides.

Sleeves for a Perfect Fit
Featuring sleeves and stretchy side panels, this jersey provides a perfect fit. This design ensures the jersey stays in place without riding up, offering maximum comfort and performance. Additionally, the aerodynamic sleeves reduce drag, enhancing your speed.

Ultralight Fabrics
The Rapha Core Lightweight Jersey is made of ultralight materials that feel like a second skin, weighing only 125 grammes. Even though it is lightweight, the jersey is strong and resilient enough to endure rough riding.

Comfortable in All Conditions
This jersey offers comfort in every situation, whether you're riding in the chilly morning air or the scorching sun. You will always feel fantastic while riding because to its breathable materials and precise fit, which make it adaptable for a variety of weather conditions.

Riding Essentials
With three back pockets and a safe zip pocket, the Rapha Men's Cycling Jersey has enough room for your riding necessities. Carry your phone, keys, and munchies with ease, and keep them safe and close to hand.

Perfect for Hot Days
Specifically designed for hot weather, the Rapha Core Lightweight Jersey ensures you stay cool and dry. The breathable fabric and efficient moisture-wicking properties make it ideal for summer rides in Australia.

Rapha's Men's Core Lightweight Jersey Specifications

Weight: 125 grams
Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colors Available: Black, White, Blue, Red
Price: $135.00 AUD

Pros and Cons


  • Highly breathable fabric keeps you cool
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Secure pockets for riding essentials
  • Perfect fit with stretchy side panels
  • Durable despite its lightweight nature


  • Higher price point compared to some other jerseys
  • Limited color options

Why Buy from Live Life Cycling?


Australian riders trust Live Life Cycling for our premium selection of cycling wear. We assure you that all of our products are genuine and of the highest calibre as an authorised Trek dealer. Our enthusiastic staff is committed to offering the best equipment for your rides.


For Australian riders, the Rapha Men's Core Lightweight jersey is the best summer cycling shirt. Its ideal fit, breathable fabric and useful features make it an excellent option for improving your cycling experience.

Time to improve your riding equipment? Explore our selection of cycling apparel Brisbane and more Rapha products at our online store, which has a wide variety for all-things-cycling. If you're looking for the perfect rain jacket during a humid season, then the Rapha Core Jacket will go well with your jersey. 

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