The Top 5 Best Oakley Cycling Sunglasses 2024

Cyclists especially choose Oakley sunglasses because of their quality, clever design, and unique look. From traditional designs to bold, contemporary looks, Oakley's cycling sunglasses provide a selection of frame types to fit different tastes and face shapes, even if they may be more expensive than other substitutes. With up to 40 million combinations of frame parts and lenses available, their bespoke sunglass program enables excellent personalisation.

We have selected our best choices of Oakley sunglasses in this blog since it can be challenging to choose the ideal pair of shades for you from the several available ones.

1. Oakley Jawbreaker


Features and Benefits

Both professional and amateur bikers love the Oakley Jawbreaker. Its unique architecture and excellent performance help one to understand why. The 53mm tall, wide lens of the Jawbreaker provides an unhindered view even in violent riding posture. The Prizm lens technology improves clarity and contrast, therefore facilitating road surface and obstacle viewability.

Adjustable Nose Piece

The Jawbreaker's adjustable nose piece is one of its best features since it guarantees a good and comfortable fit for a range of facial forms. Even on fast rides, the Unobtainium grippers at the nose and temples keep the glasses in place.


Whether you're road cycling or tackling a gravel trail, the Jawbreaker's lens options make it adaptable to different light conditions. The Switchlock technology allows for quick and easy lens changes, ensuring you have the right lens for every ride.

2. Oakley Encoder


Design and Fit

The Oakley Encoder is designed with the latest in Oakley's lens technology, providing a largely unrestricted field of vision. Its frameless design and wrap-over nose portion offer a sleek, modern look. The Encoder is lightweight, weighing just 32 grams, and fits well with most cycling helmets.

High Performing

The Encoder's Prizm lens ensures exceptional clarity and contrast, enhancing visibility in various light conditions. The secure fit and sturdy feel make it a reliable choice for serious cyclists.

Lens Sits Perfectly

The lens sits close to the face, providing excellent protection from wind and debris. The rubber nose pad blocks out the curved section, preventing any distortion and ensuring a clear view.

3. Oakley Kato


Bold Design

The Oakley Kato stands out with its bold, futuristic design. It features a wraparound Prizm lens that offers excellent clarity and minimal distortion. The Kato is designed for high performance, making it ideal for competitive cyclists.


The Kato's lens is designed to improve contrast, therefore facilitating the identification of road surface and other barrier changes. Its tight fit guarantees it stays in place even on the most demanding rides.

4. Oakley Sutro


Retro-Inspired Style

The Oakley Sutro brings a touch of retro style to modern performance. With its large, square lenses, the Sutro offers massive coverage and protection. The Prizm lens technology enhances vision by improving contrast and clarity.

Ideal for Smaller Faces

The Sutro is available in different sizes, including options that fit smaller faces comfortably. Its lightweight design and well-sprung arms ensure a secure fit without the need for additional rubber tips.

Versatile Lens Options

The Sutro's lens options make it suitable for various light conditions, from bright sunlight to overcast days. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for all types of road riding.

5. Oakley EVZero


Frameless Design

The Oakley EVZero is known for its frameless design, offering an unobstructed field of view. This makes it one of the lightest performance glasses in history, perfect for cyclists looking for minimal weight without sacrificing protection.

Lens Technology

The EVZero features Oakley's Prizm lens technology, which enhances visibility and contrast. This is particularly beneficial for road cycling, where clear vision can help identify hazards and improve overall safety.

Secure Fit

Despite its lightweight design, the EVZero provides a secure fit with Unobtainium ear socks and a rubber nosepiece. This ensures the glasses stay in place, even on rough terrain.

Other Oakley Sunglasses Worth Mentioning

Oakley Flight Jacket

The Oakley Flight Jacket features an Advancer switch on the nose bridge, allowing cyclists to increase airflow and reduce fogging. This innovative design, combined with Prizm lens technology, makes it an excellent option for those looking for cutting-edge performance.

Oakley Sphaera

The Oakley Sphaera sunglasses feature a sleek, frameless design that provides a wide field of vision and excellent clarity. Their lightweight construction and Prizm lens technology make them perfect for enhancing contrast and visibility during your rides.

Protecting Your Eyes

All Oakley cycling sunglasses offer UV protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful rays. This is especially important for Australian cyclists, who are often exposed to intense sunlight.

Choosing the Right Pair

When selecting cycling sunglasses, consider the riding you do most often. Road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel riding each have different requirements in terms of lens technology and frame design. Oakley's range of cycling sunglasses offers options tailored to each of these disciplines.


If you're looking for the best cycling sunglasses in Australia, Oakley's range is hard to beat. From the high-performing Jawbreaker to the stylish Sutro, there's a pair of Oakley cycling sunglasses to suit every rider.

Visit our website to explore our full range of cycling sunglasses and find the perfect pair to enhance your ride. You can even pair your glasses with fashionable cycling apparel available at Live Life Cycling; you'll be surprised to see how high-quality cycling gear improves your cycling experience.

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