What Gear to Buy for Beginner Cyclists?

If you're a beginner cyclist excited to finally start your cycling journey but feeling confused about which gear to get, don't worry; it's a common concern among new cyclists. In this guide, we'll tell you about all the cycling gear you'll need to make the most out of your adventure.

Road Bikes for Beginners

 Trek-Checkpoint-SL 5-in-2024

Any cyclist's most valuable tool is their bike. The road bike you choose as a novice can greatly impact your cycling experience.

For novices choosing a road bike, take into account things like fit, frame material, and intended use. Though they can be more expensive, carbon-frame bikes are lighter and easier to ride. More reasonably priced and yet offering exceptional performance are aluminium frames.

One highly suggested choice is the Trek Checkpoint SL 5 in 2024. Wider tyres for more stability, a carbon frame, and enough versatility for both road and dirt riding characterize this bike.

Essential Cycling Apparel


Comfort and performance in cycling depend on wearing the proper clothing. Consider the following important pieces:

Cycling Jerseys

Any cyclist needs a decent jersey. To keep you dry and comfortable, it should be made of fabric that wicks away moisture. For extended rides, seek out jerseys with pockets to hold small tools and snacks. We recommend checking the Rapha jerseys for excellent quality and comfort.

Bib Shorts

Bib shorts provide padding to enhance comfort, especially on longer rides. They also stay in place better than regular cycling shorts. For beginners, the Rapha Men's Core Cargo Bib Shorts offer great comfort and durability.

Cycling Shoes

Proper cycling shoes fit the pedals, enhancing power transfer and pedal efficiency. Make sure the pedals on your bike work with them and that they fit comfortably. Consider the Shimano Shoes for a great start at an affordable price. 


Quality socks are often overlooked but are vital for comfort. Rapha Pro Team Training Socks are a great option, providing excellent breathability and comfort.

Safety Gear


Safety is paramount when cycling. Here are some must-have items:

Cycling Helmet

A road cycling helmet is non-negotiable. It protects your head in case of a fall or accident. Look for helmets that are lightweight, well-ventilated, and fit securely. The Kask PROTONE ICON WG11 Helmet is a top pick, offering excellent protection and comfort.

Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets are more aerodynamic and made specifically for road riding. At faster speeds in particular, this can affect performance.

Cycle Multi Tool Kit

A cycle multi-tool kit is indispensable for on-the-go repairs. Kits like the Park Tool Set include everything you need to handle minor mechanical issues.



Equipping your bike with the right accessories can greatly enhance your cycling experience. Here are some essential items:

Water Bottles

Drinking enough water is essential. Get high-quality water bottles and a robust bottle cage to keep them safe on the road.

Bike Saddle

One must have a comfy bike saddle. Longer rides can be more fun and pain can be avoided with the proper saddle.

Chain Tools

Maintenance of your bike chain requires chain tools. Maintenance of your chain guarantees seamless shifting and extends the life of your powertrain.

Gravel Bikes

If a multipurpose bike that can ride on different surfaces interests you, think about gravel bikes. Both paved roads and more challenging paths are intended to be effectively served by them. Wider tyres on gravel bikes typically provide greater stability and comfort over uneven terrain.

Apparel Cycling for Different Weather Conditions


There are other reasons to cycle than only in nice weather. All year-round riding requires preparation for a variety of weather conditions.

Rain Jackets

A cycling rain jacket is a must for wet weather. The Rapha Women's Core Rain Jacket is an excellent choice, keeping you dry without sacrificing breathability.

Layering for Cold Weather


In cooler climates, layering is key. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add a thermal jersey, and finish with a windproof jacket. This combination keeps you warm while allowing flexibility as temperatures change.

Gloves and Warmers

Over longer rides, cycling gloves lessen vibration and shield your hands from the cold. As necessary to keep the temperature comfortable, arm and leg warmers can be added or removed. The Glove Bontrager Velocis Winter Cycling have a  fleece lining and a waterproof bladder , which makes them perfect for winters and a popular choice amongst cyclists. 

Saddle Height

Efficient pedalling and injury prevention depend heavily on saddle height. You can get excellent setup support from your neighbourhood bike shop.

Bike Fit

A professional bike fit can make a huge difference in comfort and performance. It adjusts the bike to your body, ensuring you can ride efficiently and comfortably.

The One-Stop Shop for Your Cycling Gear


Starting your cycling journey with the right gear sets you up for success. From the best cycling apparel and accessories to a quality bike like the 2024 Trek Checkpoint SL 5, having the right equipment makes all the difference.

At Live Life Cycling, we're committed to providing you with top-quality cycling gear. We offer a wide range of cycling apparel online Australia, ensuring you have access to the best products right at your fingertips. As authorized dealers of Trek, Colnago, and Pinarello, we guarantee authentic and reliable gear.

Visit our website or come to our bike shop in Brisbane to explore our extensive range and get expert advice tailored to your needs.

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