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Which one to Buy? Bontrager Circuit vs. Trek Velocis Road Cycling Shoes

It can become difficult to decide which are the best cycling shoes to buy, especially when there’s such a good variety of them available. Today, we’ll be discussing two popular cycling shoes, the Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes and the Trek Velocis Road Cycling Shoes. There’s a huge price difference between them, but what is the reason behind that? and which one is the best for your needs?

Overview of Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes


The Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes are a source of entry-level performance at an affordable price

Key Features:

Upper: The shoes feature synthetic mesh with a TPU upper that provides breathability and comfort for your feet. Lightweight materials ensure your feet stay cool, even on longer rides.

Closure System: The closure is a BOA L6 dial and an adjustable toe strap, creating a custom fit for micro-adjustments. A BOA dial can be pre-pulled for micro-adjustments, and a toe strap can be used to pull closer the front of the foot.

Sole: The sole material of the Bronze Series is a nylon composite, featuring a stiffness index of 7 out of 14. This provides a decent measure of rigidity for power transfer, with enough flexibility for comfort.

Cleat Compatibility: There is no problem with cleat compatibility since they fit both 3-bolt and 2-bolt mounting systems.

Overview of Trek Velocis Road Bike Shoes


The Trek Velocis Shoes are purpose-built for riders seeking a more performance-based shoe, perfect for those who are into competitive cycling.

Key features:

Sole: Built on the OCLV Carbon and fiberglass composite sole, these shoes offer optimal power transfer. Additionally, METNET relief zones contour to your foot to mitigate common hot spots and discomfort.

Closure System: Dual Boa® Li2 dials are low-profile, allowing on-the-fly, precise micro-adjustability for a precision fit. This allows you to cinch up different sections of the shoe, especially on the upper.

Sole Stiffness: A stiffness index of 10/14, with the carbon composite plate ensuring maximum power transfer during the most demanding and fastest rides.

Cleat Compatibility: They are versatile for use among road cyclists with 3-bolt cleat systems.

Comfort and Performance


The top of the Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes is made with synthetic mesh and breathable TPU, ensuring your feet stay cool during summer rides. Focused relief around key contact areas makes these shoes comfortable even on the longest rides. The Trek Velocis Shoes, using advanced materials and construction methods, ensure top performance and comfort, making them ideal for intense rides and races.

Fit and Adjustability

Both shoes feature a BOA dial, making them easy to adjust. The Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes are designed with one BOA dial and a strap at the toes, offering a highly customizable fit. The Trek Velocis Shoes take it a step further with dual BOAs, providing an even more refined fit.

Usage and Purpose

The Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes offer superior performance and value, making them perfect for recreational riders or those new to road cycling. Their moderate stiffness allows good power transfer without causing discomfort on longer, more varied rides. On the other hand, the Trek Velocis Shoes are designed for serious riders who expect top-level performance from their gear. The stiffer sole and advanced materials ensure maximum power transfer, ideal for competitive events and high-impact training.

Compare Prices

Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes are priced affordably, with most pairs around $135, making them a solid option for quality cycling shoes that won't be too costly. The Trek Velocis Shoes, priced at around $249.99, they justify their higher cost with advanced technology and materials, catering to riders seeking top-tier performance.

So, Which One to Buy?


Choosing between the Bontrager Circuit Road Cycling Shoes and the Trek Velocis Shoes depends on your needs and budget. The Bontrager Circuit shoes offer versatility, comfort, and value, making them great for everyday cycling. The Trek Velocis Shoes, with their superior performance and high-power transfer, are a sound investment for discerning riders and competitive cyclists.

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